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ADEE7JRLJQFixed a Domino server crash related to LotusScript. On Windows 64, API's pull their arguments in 8 byte alignment, while LotusScript was stacking...
VDES8SMFCJ Fixes crash when a C-API program makes calls to FTIndex(). This issue was introduced in 8.5.3.
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DPOL8ESEKW Fixed an issue where Domino Designer would crash when viewing/updating design elements for clients where an NTLM proxy is enabled.
CSMH8LGQHQFixes issue in embedded Symphony where some URLs that are on the presentation pages do not work
KRAU8XSPMAAdds performance improvement to the XPages builder. This fix significantly reduces build time for "Clean"->"rebuild all" operation.
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
TKAA8PP9B3Fixes issue where if Japanese charecters are include in the file name of an attached file and an iNotes user sends it to other users, the Japanese...
VSHA8B2R79 Fixed an intermittent Notes hang issue when launching an attachment such as Office, editing and attachment in place, or when launching OLE...
STAA8EA5EUFixes a problem where the name of an attachment with a very long file name was being changed.
KRAU8NAJQNFixes a problem with the MSI installer where a new version of the Activex was not being installed properly over the previous...
FMEG7G4APAFixed an issue where attachments could become corrupted upon database close. The message receved is "Invalid or nonexistent...
MYAA7FW7UDFixed the issue for Notes.ini variable FileDlgDirectory when directory names were long and it's contained Asian languages.
KLYH92XL3WFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash when viewing large .mdb files
MLAT8MEKGTFixed an issue that accidently editing an attachment that had been 'opened' may result in lost work when the document is closed and the temporary...
TKIE5EJ69TFixed an issue that Background color of attachment icon was always white,
BHAL8PKQXRFixes issue where users can not attach documents to Calendar Meeting invite via iNotes with Browser Cache Management installed
LRHG8RZDWFProvided the ability to have multiple attachments with the same name in a single email in iNotes.
TSHI8D8CJEResolves a problem with sending a mail with attachment(s) which will take the mail over the defined quota limit.
MNAA8RKFZYFixes a problem encountered when sending a message with more than one DBCS hankaku katakana files attached with the same name.
TSHI8RKBPWFixes a problem with modifying the attachment list when editing a new memo created by using "Copy Into New Memo" on an existing memo containing...
JKIG6TKRPWFixed a problem where renaming an attachment during a save was resulting in the extension not being handled properly.
Hide details for AudioVideoAudioVideo
NFRS8YFF8AThe official NAT support for Sametime exists since 852. Improved the error handling in case of similar environment with previous clients which...
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VSEN8F9LLDDirectory and Site field in Find Room (s) dialog are not sticky across sessions
ABUI838M4GFixes issue where the Day at a Glance view does not update when a delegate updates a calendar entry
FPAI8R3KWDFixed an issue where the summarized calendar views gave no indication at to what "Today" is.
NBRR8S4QYTUpdated timezone and DST information for the Notes standard client to include tzdata2012b. Please see this link for details on timezone updates:...


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